Buyers Guide

Thinking about a Lappy?




The Finnish Lapphund, affectionately referred to as the “Lappy”, is a wonderful breed and makes a great pet and companion, however this does not mean it is the right breed for everyone.  The question “Is the Finnish Lapphund the right breed for me/my family?”, should be the first one to ask and the FLCA site can help you answer that question. To determine if this is the right breed for you consideration needs to be given to the breed size, health, temperament, living environment, exercise needs, socialization, training, grooming and other important factors.   Some of those answers can be found below and others are provided elsewhere on this site by clicking on the links provided above.

Before beginning your search for a Lappy, ask yourself:

What am I looking for in a dog?

Obviously your dog will be a companion to you and your family but are you looking for more specific breed traits?  Are you wanting a guard dog?  Are you looking for a dog suited to hiking/running/bicycling or a performance dog?  Are you looking for a quiet, calm lap-dog? Would an adolescent or adult be suitable?  Puppies require a lot more work and training than older dogs.


Is this the right time to add a dog to my/our home considering our lifestyle?
Am I gone from dawn till dusk?  Is there someone home during the day?  Part of the day?

Your lifestyle should be the important factor(s) to consider before adding a dog to your home.  Most dogs will not thrive in a home where their family is gone 12 hours a day and they are left alone either in a crate or as a "backyard" dog.  All dogs need human companionship and interaction to be happy, healthy and non-destructive and this is especially true if you are getting a puppy as there will need to be considerable time spent on training your puppy to be a good member of your household.


Do I have the necessary physical environment for a dog?

Basic requirements for any dog would include a yard with a minimum 5 ft. fence, preferably 6 ft., to keep your dog safe when they are not in your home and include a lock on any perimeter gates.  Size doesn't matter if you are willing to provide your dog with daily walks and play.


Am I prepared to properly socialize and train a new puppy?

All puppies regardless of the breed will need proper socialization meaning regular exposure to everyday "life" outside of their home which is their comfort zone.  Training includes the basics of walking on a lead, sit, stay, down, come, riding in a car, housebreaking, etc.  You should allow for a minimum of an hour out of your day for training and socializing a puppy and obviously housebreaking is hourly!  The Lappy is quick to learn so as long as you develop routine training habits they will easily learn what you expect from them.


Am I prepared for the coat and grooming requirements?

Because of their double-coats be prepared to brush a minimum of once a week during the non-shedding season, more often when they are shedding which is usually once a year during the warmer months and brushing more often during this time will be needed.  The Lappy doesn't carry the usual "doggy odor" that many breeds do and because of their double coats they don't get really dirty very often so bathing can be done when they need it.  Services of a professional groomer are generally not needed if you develop a regular grooming routine, including nail trimming.  Shaving in the summer should never be an option.


Am I willing to spay or neuter?

Spaying or neutering your pet is the best thing you can do for them as it reduces the potential for serious and costly illness and/or disease and they really won't "miss" anything.  Reputable breeders will require that you spay or neuter your pet within a specified timeframe.


Am I prepared for routine medical care, a proper diet and "incidentals"?

As a pet owner the cost of routine veterinary care needs to be taken into consideration including annual checkups, vaccinations, parasite control and heartworm medication.  Dietary requirements should include a quality dog food keeping in mind that "you pay for what you get", a good quality diet is recommend for the health and well-being of your Lappy.  There are many good options to choose from and no one diet is endorsed by FLCA.  Depending on where you live you'll also need to pay for annual license fees and seasonal flea/tick repellant  and you may want to consider canine health insurance for an emergency.  Also to be considered is the possible cost of boarding your dog if you vacation away from home or go out of town and cannot take them with you.