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Finnish Lapphund breeders listed here are all members of the FLCA and have agreed to comply with the FLCA Code of Ethics and other listing requirements.

The FLCA does not recommend or endorse any individual breeder or kennel and encourages you to make yourself familiar with what constitutes a responsible breeder, guidelines can be found in the FLCA Breeder Search page.  Breeders listed may or may not have puppies or dogs available but will be happy to discuss the Lappy with you providing breed information and answer questions you may have.  Breeders are listed alphabetically by state.

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Each breeder having a listing will have contact information for
e-mailand/or their website 

Information Codes:
I = Information, P = Puppies, D = Dogs/Adolescents, S = Stud/Semen Service Available,
C = Conformation, OP = Obedience and/or Performance, R = Referral

Cracar Finnish Lapphunds I, P, D, S, C, R Puppies
Planned for


CrazyBear Finnish Lapphunds I, P, C, OP, R  



Yutori Finnish Lapphunds

I, P, D, S, C, OP, R

Planned for 2015


The webmaster reserves the right to review and decline and/or remove any listings from members found to not be in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of advertiser listings or the FLCA Code of Ethics.